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Creator of intelligent robots


We integrate brains (intelligence) and eyes (vision systems) on machines (robots) so that they can act in a random environment and self-program in real time.


VISIOSHAPE has historically developed from the activities of 3D scanning of parts and reverse engineering, in particular for mechanical industries.  

Thanks to its partnerships with world industrial leaders, VISIOSHAPE marks a major turning point in its strategic development and is moving towards the development of industrial processes assisted by 3D vision.  

The robotization of industrial processes is a major stake. It contributes to reduce cycle times of production, to the improvement of product quality. This desire is also nourished by the awareness of the difficulty of manual tasks.  

3D vision is becoming a strategic and crucial element in the robotization of many industrial processes. Many industrial applications, especially surface treatment, require the recognition of complex 3-dimensional shapes, as well as the making of adaptive, rapid and varied decisions. 

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At the heart of an ecosystem


of  4.0 industry  

VISIOSHAPE is installed in the High Technologies building in Saint-Étienne, within the optical center and the city of design. This location offers us interactions with a rich and innovation-oriented ecosystem.

Visit us ?

Bâtiment des Hautes Technologies

20 rue du professor Benoît Lauras

42000 Saint-Etienne 

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In connection with the academic



The Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and Saint-Etienne in particular offers us a university ecosystem at the forefront of research and technology. We collaborate with the Institut d'Optique Graduate School, Télécom Saint-Etienne, the Hubert Curien laboratory, the Ecole des Mines, L'Enise, INSA Lyon and others  

The team

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Salim Abdous

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Axel Dos Santos

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Natacha Courage

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Marketing, Communication,

Customer relationship 

Brice François

Brice François

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Vision research and development engineer

Jonathan Langue

Jonathan Language

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Robotics expert


Dr. Yves Bringer

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Industrial vision expert

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Jorge Leconte

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Research and development in optics and industrial vision


Charles Tchuenkam

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Research and development in optics and industrial vision

Hedi Ayari JPG.jpg

Hedi Ayari

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